pic: How small can it get?


After finding out about the release of the NEO Motors from Rev, it got me thinking about how small you can get the KOP chassis using these new motors instead of CIM’s.
The gap between the Drive motors is about .125"
The overall dimensions of the chassis are 15.31" x 13".
The overall weight is about 18.1 lbs.
Lastly, after seeing how small it was when I finished it, I decided it would be interesting to make this into and H-Drive.

Cad: https://grabcad.com/library/minibot-10

Lemme know what you guys think. Comments, Questions or Concerns!!


At first glance, I saw only one wheel and thought “boy that’s a new one for the list of “interesting drive trains”.” I now see the others.


Hot dang, Reis! This 100% qualifies as tote bot material. Also how fast does it go?


methinks the H drive takes up room that should be housing the electronics/battery…because if you don’t put the electronics/battery as low as possible, it won’t stay upright very long!

How about the compete design, what does it look like? and how would it have done in Overdrive?


You could get even smaller if you staggered the gearboxes. If the left side was in the front and the right was in the rear, you could make it even narrower. You would have to eliminate the H drive though.


I like that idea, how small do you think we can get it??


16.9 fps free speed and 13.69 fps adjusted


Looks familiar:
My 2-CIM version
As noted above, getting the battery down is a big deal with this small a drive base. If you want to put it inside, you’re looking at 7" + 2 side modules. If you go down to 9mm belt and low profile shaft heads, you should be able to get to 12" wide.

If you aren’t worried about the battery being on top, you may want to look at putting the slide wheel’s motor inside, using a VP or CIM Sport or TB micro gearbox*.

Also, you can take an inch off the length at the motors end if you notch the top of the end sheet to allow clearance for the motor. If you look carefully, you can see this in the underside view from my version. I expect you can get to 14.8", possibly 14.3" with a low CoG battery- any shorter, you won’t be able to get the battery in or out.

  • [Edit] If you really want to get short with a planetary, figure out how to mount the wheel to the planetary housing (ring gear) and lock the normal output shaft (planetary carrier) down.


They can get it narrower while keeping the H-drive by only having one motor (staggered) in each gearbox. This thing is going to weight less than 40 lbs anyway, having 4 NEOs motors in the primary drivetrain is overkill to begin with. One per side, offset so the gearboxes can be wedged even closer together.


What if you did this?
But with NEO.


Leave room to fit this electronics module from 2342 in the middle, and you can keep it FRC legal