pic: How some people spent time during the field delay

Your welcome for the great idea of earplugdes, and the blue pills (know one knows what they were?).

Thanks, the earplugs and the blue pills (Aleve) did help. A pillow and blanket would be helpful next time…oh and a wake up call too :wink:

2011 intertubes or bumpers make great pillows. :wink:

Between matches at the Boilermaker Regional, FIRST Team 3940’s inbounder, Kayla, has the job of lining up the robot for hybrid mode. Before one of our matches started, there was a delay before the video feed from the robot could be seen in the driver station. So, Kayla had to wait. When she got tired of waiting for the field to finish the data from the prior match, the DJ started to play a dance song.

She figured: “since everyone was looking at me anyway, I might as well dance.”


Andy B.

In Smoky Mountains I called a time out right before the first Finals match, and our drive team and some other members from our alliance were doing the mac-arena in the drivers station :smiley: it was priceless

It’s a good thing a photographer didn’t stop by on day two when the two of us were out… Oh wait!


Man! Now people are going to think Tigertron’s mentors don’t do anything but sleep in the pit. I guess it’s a good thing we have some good students to pick up our slack. :wink: