pic: How team 174 Rage cuts


Trumpf L3040
4000 watts laser
6500 inches per minute
5’ x 10’ working rage
steel 0 to .8125’ thick
aluminum 0 to 1/2 thick
Stainless 0 to 3/4 thick
High speed 300mm 4th axis for cutting thin sheet metal
Automated pallet changer
Options with machine
High-speed cutting
power control
Auto Las plus
Pierce control system

All for a cool $700,000
Good thing our team mates work there

I think you meant rage team 173 :wink:

174, eh?

I always thought they were from NY…

Hmm, oh well… :cool:

your right rage 173

We also have a donated 3 axis CNC machine that we use to cut sprockets and some other parts. We also have access to Mastercam X donated to us by the folks at CNC Software, one of our sponsors.

that’s really neat