pic: How Team 4 Cuts

This is a picture of three of our different machines in our Robotics Development Lab (Spiffy name huh?) We also have two manual lathes with DRO, as well as two Bridgeports with DRO, a horizontal and a vertical band saw, two drill presses, TIG welder, and a lot of freshmen. :slight_smile:

I’m soo jelous. Any one of those tools probably costs more than all of ours combined.

I remember walking into that room and feeling my jaw drop. Those are some beautiful machines, capable of also churning out beautiful machines!

Looking forward to seeing you guys back up here in Toronto!

Man, I’ve only seen those in universities and aerospace shops, I can’t believe you guys have one.

I’ll keep that in mind next time I need something machined ;).

Can we come over and use it? I know how. Or can we come over and play on your field? We’ll bring you cookies. :slight_smile:

How did you guys get these machines anyway? How do we get HAAS to give us one? Even something small like a Mini-Mill. Just a little $30,000 chunk of pocket change. How can we get one?

PS. I happen to know that parts for Team 4’s robot aren’t all that’s coming out of those machines

ioooooooooo I want one!!!lol

uh haas is a very good sponsor and so is fadal but the machines werent all donated =o
contact the companies and ask em about sponsorship? also if you need a CAD/CAM program contact GibbsCAM cuz their product is amazing
we are looking in fundraising to buy one of those really cool TL-1 lathes that is like a manual and CNC in one (www.haascnc.com)
if anyone needs some CNC help we have about 6 or 7 really skilled operators who can run either the Mills or the Lathe and in my case Both
also in terms of parts machined and stuff - we do enjoy helping other teams so just pm me

ps about those parts not for our robot…ill just say that we do make ALOT of awards and some other stuff for another team? go to our preship and you can figure out whats going on =]