pic: How the birds see Koko Ed

Please notice the sign on the floor and act accordingly. J/K Ed, you’re a great person.

I disagree. Birds would see a big ol’ target on that beautiful bald head of his.

Do I at least get an air raid warning before the bombing begins?

Look it this way Ed, at least cows don’t fly :ahh:

Maybe I should send a flock of Canadian geese your way. :smiley:

When I went to the Midwest regional and stay in Waukegan there was a whole lot of Geese hanging out nearby.
A couple of them would saunter towards me in the parking lot when I was going into my room like they we’re saying “Hey buddy! C;mere! We got sumptin’ to show ya!”
If they got to close or nasty I would have went into my room, soaked a towel and give them some rat tail action!