pic: How they do it NASA style.

This is a picture of the human player area on the NASA field, as seen at The Capital Clash. The players held down the switch on the boxes instead of standing on mats, which makes for a much more economical solution.

It also leads to plenty of opportunities for references to game shows. C’mon, six people with fingers over buttons at a podium? Who can resist?

I don’t blame them. Those mats are RIDICULOUSLY expensive considering their simple function.

Indeed. I was talking with Mike Wade, and the street price on one mat is $600.

The button seemed to be a little small, especially for people making a mad dash, but they do the job. (If the game design gods are listening, such substitutions are great ideas, especially if teams could build a similar setup as a disable switch for practicing.)

I was a human player, and i liked the pads tons. I dont think id do too well with a button, because i dont know about the rest of you HPs, but i hold the tetra with two hands. And making the HPs life easier is never a bad thing…

Note to self and others, buy screaming touch sensitive doormats around Halloween in case pads are used again… they shouldn’t be too hard to mod to work with the playing field.

Basically it’s a touch sensitive pad with a voice box (white thing in middle) connected to it set to make a noise of some kind when you step on it.


Oh, and… 600 dollars… I think not.

Screaming Door Mat
Item # ( #LMK-0002 )
( $8.49 )


Some modification necessary. Shouldn’t be that hard… I mean c’mon…