pic: How to avoid a G14 at the last second.

Shooting a supercell at the last second in our own team’s trailer to avoid the G14 rule.

Seems like a big risk to be doing that. At the palmetto regional i’ve seen scores fluctuate nearly 40 points from the live scoring to the final score. In one match i’ve seen scores go from 80-30 to 70-60 from the match end to the posting of the final score.

in our first match of the long island semifinals we were tied with live soring at the end of the match about 74 to 74 or something like that and the final score was 108 to 78

No reward without risk! There was a time in San Diego where to avoid the G14 rule, we intentionally started scoring balls into our own alliance partners trailer.

G14 really has made for an interesting element of the game this year.

In our quarter finals game, team our alliance was doing the other alliance pretty badly, but then team 1746 turned their turrent around and fired like 6 balls into their trailer.

We prevented the G-14 by 1 moon rock.

How many points over before thier supercell is taken away?

How many pre-penalty points are scored by the losing alliance, times 2, determines the <G14> threshold, according to <G14>. For that particular match, <G14> would have come into effect at 156 points, which is higher than the current Lunacy high score of 151.

It seems risky, you really could lose a match like that, i would throw moon rocks only, if i did.

Risky? If you look at the score at the top of the picture, you will see that we had a 62 point lead at the time we shot our super cell. Not much of a risk…

now the only time i could see this be worthwhile, which maybe this is the same case, is when in the elims it is the 2nd of 3 matches and you know that you can beat the other alliance without supercells but you absolutely need supercells in the next round (semis or finals). if this was a qualifier match that wouldn’t make much sense. And if its the 3rd match in the elims that also wouldn’t make sense to me either since if the scoreboard is wrong that maneuver could cost you the match.

my $0.02

To be honest losing one emptycell isn’t that bad. If you actually convert 4 empty cells in a match, you don’t need 4 supercells to win, since you’re already well off.

Or how about using a supercell to close the gap between the scores to increase your RS during qualifications…

If you look at the scoreboard, you see that they’re theoretically a single ball away from a 3x score and a double G14. That’s well within the fluctuation that others have talked about. And losing TWO super/empty cells is a very big deal.

I like the move of 987’s part, it makes a lot of sense. It helps avoid a 3x G14, possibly a 2x G14, and increases their final RS by 1.67 (9 match regional).

I’ve voiced my opinion on the rule multiple other times in other threads, so I will no re-iterate it here. But the scoring issues are both silly in their own right, but as this thread clearly demonstrates, makes this rule even more “silly.”

At Lone Star last week, I watched the HP from 148 throw 2 super cells into their own trailer to try to avoid the <G14> penalty. It still didn’t help much as their alliance still won 115-40 (after penalties).

I’ve seen the scores swapped before. It was a big differnce in score also!

We scored a supercell on ourselves in boston to avoid a double G14 and instead just lose 1 supercell the next match.

I like the move guys!

BTW, the “98x alliance” discussed the option of scoring on ourselves prior to the match. Both RS and <G14> were considerations. With 20 sec left (and a really large scoring margin) the supercell went in, 987 scooped it up, and shot it in our trailer just in time.

In an earlier 980 match with 330 and 254, our alliance waited too long to start scoring on our own trailers and took a <G14>.

I don’t worry about the 2x/3x handicap during qualifications. If i get a 2x/3x handicap every match that means I’m winning every match and I’ll take that every time. In elims matches are closer and harder so you will sometimes need them, so then i would try and score on my own alliance.

No wonder you’re called the high rollers, that’s soo risky. Especially if you’re in a match with a lot of high scorers, because they typically aren’t counted as well.