pic: how to find a leak

tubes in ears looking for a leak

Not sure what that tubes hooked up to… But it doesn’t look safe…

I nearly lost my hearing once, when someone shot compressed air into my ear (but that was an industrial air compressor)

yeah, if that tube is hooked up to any pressure (or a cylinder capable of creating a backpressure) this is VERY dangerous. Teams, please don’t do this.

I believe they are using the length of tubing as a stethscope to pinpoint the sound of the leal.

I think you are completely right, it is much easier to do it this way than it would be to stick your head in there and listen.

What is with every one bashing every picture Tytus uploads? Give him and his team a break.

Whew for a second I thought he was uploading his brain to the robot.

i thought that too… we were thinkingof ways to check for leakes on our bot, but i never thought of that :p.

You guys never heard of soapy water???

and before you try and flame me…


now back to building…

It is obvious his brain is a bit dusty from all the grinding of gears going on for the past 4 weeks. He is just trying to clean it out a bit.


I don’t know what that kid’s doing as there is no accurate discription, but if it’s what the picture implies, then it’s dangerous, if Tytus or I uploaded it, it doesn’t make a difference.

Actually, using a tube as a stethoscope and/or using a small amount of soapy water are both time honored ways of finding a leak.

Sticking your head into a robot with an energy source present (in this case, compressed air) is very dangerous and I strongly advise against it.



I would say that they have the tubes in there ears looking for a leak, exactly the description tytus posted.

yes as a matter of fact we are filling the kids heads with air to compress their brains so they will take up less space. we then install state of the art computer systems to uplink with the robot while they are driving to get the cybernetic edge in those tough matches against 233 and 179.

yes its like a stethoscope. its a trick we learned from Gary. anyone remember the airline headphones that were just tubes? same idea

oooookaaay then…well that seems like something some people on our team would do…dont get hurt doing it though!

I used to work in a muffler shop, and we would use tubes to detect pinpoint holes in the weld joints.

Do i see safety goggles on the mans head just about to explode with 60 psi:):P… that would suck if it blasted off.