pic: How to score 338 points

From qualification match at the 2007 GTR, the highest scoring match of the 2007 season.

With 89 seconds left in the match, the blue alliance simultaneously places their 5th, 6th, and 7th ringers on the rack.

Photographer: Dan Thompson

I only see 4 bots where are the other 2 hiding.

2 balls knocked off overpass in Hybrid - 16
1.5 laps each robot in Hybrid - 72
20 hurdles - 200
14 laps not hurdling - 28
2 balls on overpass at end - 24

I don’t think we’re going to see 338 this year.

They aren’t hiding, there were only 4 robots on the field at the time. In my opinion getting the seasons high score in a 3 on 1 match is hardly anything to brag about (unless its the lone team getting the high score).

Unfortunately this is how most of GTR played out last year, half of our matches we were playing shorthanded with several matches alone.

Such is the lovely beast that paired us all up with many of the same teams, over and over, and over again. Which meant teams the system favored, like 1114 and 2056, were able to completely dominate everyone else. Not that the two of them really needed any help to dominate.

EDIT: My intent with this statement was that the teams mentioned were very dominant, purely because of excellence, and the horrendous matchup algorithm only served to amplify the situation.

I am fairly sure your team 1075 and 1114 would have very even match schedules. Maybe 2056 had a slightly favorable schedule, but so did every other rookie team.

Wana put money on it :stuck_out_tongue:

You would need three VERY good (like Beatty 2001/2002, Wildstang 2003, and 25 2006 good) and coordinated teams with fantastic hybrid functions.

It’s possible that a setup like this could happen during the qualification rounds at IRI, but I think the most we will see in a match is around 200 points.

Yeah… seems to me that the BEST matches played of a given FIRST game happen at IRI… Makes me want to go, despite the 9 hour drive.

I think it’s a little late for perfecting the Rack and Roll Theories…
good luck with this year’s though

Just wondering…does anyone know the “official” second highest score? Was it 316?