pic: How will you use your $100 Mastercard from St. Louis?


When we head to New Orleans the last week of March, we will be taking school supplies to an elementary school. They have just recently opened and are needing daily supplies. We have been in contact with the principal and here is their wish list. Since there are 750 students in the school, we are trying to take 750 of each item.

Boxes of Crayons
Dry Erase Markers
Dry Erase Erasers
Gel Pens
Prizes for the Postivie Behavior Box : they try to have enough items on hand so that if a student gets this honor each day, then each day they get a prize.

We want thank Mastercard for their generous donation at the St. Louis regional and we will use our $100 for these school supplies. The Robowranglers also won a bet with Dave Lavery and have his contribution to the school drive account. Our teacher was willing to do the chicken dance to help win that bet, now we are wanting to know how your team will put your gift to good use.

Congratulations on your win in St. Louis. It looks like “trying something a little different” worked out.

That is a great idea and an excellant example of what gracious professionalism should represent.

Good luck at Bayou, we will miss you at LSR.

Brandon, how can others (teams, individuals) give donations to help with that effort?

Until you have seen the devastation with your own eyes, you simply cannot imagine.


There will be a Florida Contingent at Bayou…what can we do to help?

The official word from one of our teachers:

Anyone wanting to help with the effort can contact Mrs. Pope at popev -AT- greenvilleisd -DOT- com and she will take it from there. You can choose to mail supplies to the Greenville High School, bring them to the New Orleans competition on Thursday or make a financial donation through paypal or purchasing a debit card and sending it to Mrs. Pope at Greenville High School. Before you do anything , please contact Mrs. Pope as she is coordinating the effort and will help make arrangements for you depending on how you would like to handle the donation. Thanks so much for asking about helping with the project. We are really enjoying getting this ready to take to New Orleans.

oooooh- a debit card would be fun. Handy, too.
Thanks for the info, Brandon!

Whats Postivie behavior?
Thats a new one for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you will contact me directly through email we can work on your contribution. Thank you for offering to help with this, it is going to be a great way to show the heart of FIRST ! :]

Hi : Anyone atteding Bayou wanting to help, simply bring the items with you. We will collect everything on Thursday for our Friday delivery. Please don’t take things to the pit area. We will collect everything in the seating area, just look for our sign. We appreciate everyone pitching in and helping with this. If you have any more questions just send me an email at [email protected].


Ms. Pope,
I went out and picked up an Office Depot gift card and will get it in the mail to you today.
I wish you and the team all the best in this effort in supporting the school. Children love new school supplies and they love knowing someone has thought of them.

Hope that many teams coming to compete, find your team sign in the stands on that Thursday, and bring supplies to donate to the cause!

Rock on 148.

We got your Office Depot on the day before we left. Thank you so much for sending that to us. We had two pick up trucks full of school supplies and $1,000 to give the school. Needless to say they were very excited and very grateful for the donations. We had a fantastic time in the Bayou, it was a great regional. We heard from the school just a few hours ago and the students are busy unpacking the donations and storing them in the closet. They are going to use the financial donations in the uniform school fund. New Orleans is a beautiful town, full of fantastic people and they are so grateful for all the help everyone is sending their way.

Yay! I found the thread. Ok, so some of my friends and I just started an organization at our school that will be working in conjunction with MORT to help out those in need by donating a massive variety of goods.

One of our main projects for the summer is to donate school supplies. Staples has deals in which major school supplies are sold for a Penny EACH. The first thing that came to my mind was this picture and we want to donate whatever we collect to you guys. Please send me a PM ASAP. Thank you:) I know that you guys won’t be goign to the Bayou again aroudn this time of year Or are you? but please let me know how we can help. And what supplies htey specifically need right now.