pic: HUD pic 1

A view through my HUD for this year. not all of the lights are red, i’ll take a pic of them in action at the competition thursday.

What does it do??

Emergency field repair of safety glasses?

Full marks for avoiding use of duct tape, but …

We need to stick some wires in your neck.

Borg anyone? :wink:

Seems like it would be more distracting than helpful. But, I’d have to try it in person to make a final judgement. Good idea anyhow.

It seems the one on the left would be… the right one is no problem though.

you need to put some little first logos or a robot or a countdown clock to be a real HUD

Contrary to popular beleif it does NOT obstruct my view, and actually lets me operate the secondary functions quicker. Ok well i’ll describe how it works, lets say our ramp mechanism for the side goals is down, then a red LED on a certain spot will light up, but if the ramp is up a corresponding green LED will light up. same with wheel speed (high/low). If anyone is going to be at SPBLI or Nat’s i’ll let you try em on if you stop by :slight_smile: . and i made this quickly, thats why the barcode is still on part of the sheet metal :stuck_out_tongue: