pic: huge tree uprooted

This extremely large tree was uprooted by Hurricane Wilma. It took a team of 20 or so workers to remove the tree even tohugh it was already out of the ground.

silly floridians…that’s not a big tree :stuck_out_tongue:

my mom said we lost a tree and she is trying to save another… luckly that tree didn’t end up falling on my dad’s car or our house…

it’s just amazing what happens with hurricanes…

i’m glad noboy i know wasn’t hurt.

that photo has all the makings of an engineering contest

how do you get the roots back in the ground, without killing the tree?

The trees probably already too far gone. In general, disturbing the roots of a large tree in any way will kill it. Particularly for trees (like this one) that have a shallow root system.


yea most of the trees are just gone after they are that way… at times smaller trees we push them back up but then a couple of weeks later you just see this dead thing in your yard…

there will be lets just say a lot of mulch being made i suppose

I lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1998 when Hurricane Georges made landfall in late September 1998. This was a weak category 2 storm with winds of 90 knots. Georges slowed down and pounded the Gulf Coast of Mississippi for about 12 hours. I lost five oak trees, three had trunks larger than 2ft in diameter and the other two were about 18inches in diameter. Luckily they all fell away from my house and it only suffered minor damage. I expect that Cancun took beating and that pictures of the area will rival Katrina pictures.

There were so many palm treets knocked down, but that is not as impressive because they barely have roots. They are easy to put back because you jsut stand them up and use wood boards to hold it there; it will keep growing.