pic: Human Overdrive

One of the “Fun-Time” activities done at the 2008 Tempest 'N Tampa. Definitely one of many memorable moments from this year’s TNT. More pictures from TNT can be found here

And no one went to the emergency room…well for that game anyway

What were the rules? That looks like a lot of fun!

Same rules as Overdrive, 1 driver 1 robot, and penalties were called lol. This was a ton of fun.

Were some herders and some hurdlers? Did the “bot” go it alone during hybrid? Did the person on the wheels have to stay in certain boundaries? What happened if they fell off?

no hybrid, no standing while cart is moving, 2 X 2, person with helmet had to be on the cart (my team caused this to be explained), people fell, and there were some herders.

Rules were more like suggestions…it was mostly…have fun…dont get hurt. People fell off…a lot!!! There are pictures somewhere of Billfred laid out on the floor during the mentor match.

Hey, YOU try and shove Barry Bonzack around the track for a minute and a half! Barry and I had the routine down from working the field, but by the last half-lap I was spent. In our home stretch, Barry reeled off a punch to get the last two points as I flopped down on the carpet. But at least we won the match.

Those darned batteries will always get yah.

“Faster, Bilfred, Faster! Weeeee”

so when is this going in the caption contest?