pic: Human Player Scoring on Rack

A picture of our amazing human player scoring on the rack from 27’ away over the 6.5 foot wall.

But how many times did it take him before he actually got it? :stuck_out_tongue:

well he is about to score

that was the first attempt at taking a picture it wasn’t like we kept taking picture until he made one on to the rack ill try and post a video later where he makes it on his first try, if there are any tubes left in the end game he will come in handy

where is the guy that actually threw it?? I would like to see where he threw it from

I’m the one who threw it, but the only reason you can’t see me is because I am more or less about 40 feet away in the back corner of the room

to answer the above…

That was a good shot but can he do it with the players station wall in front of him?

Yeah… really nice, however that 8 foot wall has been getting all of our guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We did make one or two, but it’s a pain. It seems that throwing will definitely help to get them close, for faster scoring though.

psht… Not Even a Problem:smiley:


he’s been practicing trying to throw the tube over the regulation size wall we mocked up, and he is still hitting his shots with out problems.

its only a 6.5 foot wall, he was practicing over a volleyball net that was set up that high earlier and when he jumps to throw it over the wall he actually is able to throw it further, i know it seems impossible but our human player is amazing :yikes:

to answer any questions there is duct tape on the tube.

we have been throwing it outside and it seems gravel isn’t the tubes best friend.

awsomest rack! ours is done too

what did you use for your little thingies on the round plates on the ends of the spider legs?

oh i think me and your human player should have a little contest if we end up in the same regional or competition. im getting pretty good with the throw too, i can clear the wall no problem, if i can ill get a video up soon… i use a completely different technique though, but it works pretty well