pic: Hurricane-Proof Streetlight

These new poles for holding the streetlights were put in because they were rated to withstand a category 4 hurricane. Here is the test result!

eh! they were rated to withstand a category 4 hurricane? how does one rate an object to withstand nature because if this is totally capable i would like to start building tornado proof houses =) and hurricane proof house for the southern states but anyway as for this street light fixture i think they should re-rate it to category 2 hurricane since if im not mistaken thats what hit Florida =)

ha… i know where that is…

stuart of course…

near walmart…payless shoes…lowes…and ruby tuesdays… :stuck_out_tongue:

and they just put up those lights and stuff… all wellz… i guess new ones will have to obviously put up and better ones because we didn’t get hit by a cat. 4 storm.