pic: Huston Einstein Sunlight

Should be interesting for vision tracking red side on Einstein in about 10 min.

Yeah… we missed out auto gear every single time because of it…

We lost our boiler vision aim pixy for both autonomous and teleop and for most of the matches could not see our backup flashlight that we used for manual aim and to set distance for shooting. We ended up relying purely on dead reckoning throughout the round robin and finals

It sure was my first time ever playing outside.

Should of brought some black sheets for the windows XD

$@#$@#$@#$@#, you should have dropped using vision earlier! :wink:

The only reason we ended up with using the shooter at Madera was Mike telling us to use dead reckoning to get auto done in time.

For just using dead reckoning, I’m super impressed with your accuracy in auto and in teleop during the round robin and finals. Nice work.

There were also issues on the FTC field involving the sunlight. The teams would sometimes hit the buttons that correspond to the opposite teams color in autonomous. I am honestly surprised no one saw this as something that would be an issue. Good job to all the teams that were able to work past the obstacles though.

I thought being outside would be fun but after hearing this I am happy our “high tech” vision bot 2.0 doesn’t rely on light conditions (piece of electrical tape on our laptop screen :smiley: ), if you can see it with your eyes our software cough:live camera feed:cough can line us up!

never enough time for true vision :frowning:

In all seriousness though, it was amazing getting to watch those matches, with or without vision, and great job to all who made it to einstein. That’s no small feat to achieve and most teams will never get that chance.

Man, FIRST really was on top of it with their setup!

Make it loud? K.

Make it lit? Done.

I mean, people were lining up down the block to get in and see what the hype was about!

Great job, FIRST! On a scale of 1 to 10, you scored a 5.2* **

*EDIT: Upon further review, we’ve decided to hit FIRST with 175 penalty points, for numerous rules violations.
For example, FIRST violated H12 throughout the event by deploying their equipment far away enough to interfere with visibility for the audience. A yellow card should have also been called for blockading, as FIRST quarantined all competing teams into a small, remote part of the Minute Maid Stadium field. Unfortunately, the refs failed to raise that foul, as they didn’t see the teams being kept in their remote locations, just like literally everyone else.

**EDIT EDIT: Upon even more review, we have found that the event was disrupted by the field’s many faults, so Einstein will be replayed next week in St. Louis. See you all there! Or none of you! It’s the same thing, right?

EDIT EDIT EDIT: In all seriousness, I really do appreciate the work FIRST had to put in coordinating the event, but it’s barely been 24hrs since Einstein, and sometimes the salt needs a release (Actually, who am I kidding? We all know the salt never goes away).

How about more quality and less quantity. The message might get through better when the equipment isn’t being pushed so hard it is distorting the message and blowing out eardrums.

I remember using a polarizing lens from sunglasses with the CMU CAM way back. It was very effective. Would it work with system with calibration?