pic: Hybrid overload!!!!

Crazy end to hybrid mode and continuation of match, we had to end up replaying the match but couldnt repeat the effect as well.

Great times. Btw, there are 5 balls in the net over there. It was overstretched to say the least.

Is there video of how this happened. I’m struggling to figure out how the balls didn’t just knock each other off target on the way to the hoop.
I’m frankly impressed by how crazy that is.

I was mostly watching ours until they started to get stuck, but part of it is due to how long the balls take to even start going down the chute once they’re past the hoop rim. (Anyone who was worried about hoarding 6 balls at the Alliance Station in Teleop can probably relax.) There’s actually a lot of time and room in there, though that’s not to say it wasn’t an amazingly executed Hybrid. We were all definitely impressed, and I’ve never seen a stadium go from cheering to booing so loudly and quickly.

This is hilarious and sad all at the same time. Sad because that’s 5 hybrid balls that will only count as being scored in teleop.

Actually the match was stopped following the conclusion of hybrid because the ‘pokey pokey stick’ wasn’t able to unjam the balls without knocking some of them back onto the field.

Regardless, the rules are the ball has to make it through the counter in hybrid or it doesn’t count. If it was only 3-4 balls and they could clear the jam without dumping balls on the field, you’d be out those 9-12 bonus points. It’s an understandable rule from the GDC, but that situation in particular points out its potential difficulties.

Frankly, I’m surprised they even replayed the match. There’s nothing in the rules covering what happens if the goals jam and if a team should be credited for all the balls past the rim or what. I could easily see the ruling coming down on the side of “If you lose some balls, oh well. Try to shoot slower next time.”

The only video I’ve found so far unfortunately cuts away while all the shots were taking place and cuts right back to the balls being jammed and the ensuing chaos - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jldACuLN5i8#t=43m06s

We tried to time our autonomous shots so that they’d be about two seconds off from one another. In the previous rounds it had worked, but unfortunately there’s always going to be a little bit of play in when the balls actually leave the robot.

I’m glad they decided to stop and replay the match, but it would not have surprised me if they let the match play through either.

Which rule says this? G39 says “hoop”, not “counter”. There appear to be two relevant Q&As; one from 1741 on 1/30 has this answer: “Any Basketball that enters the Hoop during the Hybrid period will receive the Hybrid bonus.” The other (still pending) Q from 1114 concerns time of release.

Or is “hoop” defined somewhere to include the counter?

Actually, the ball just has to pass through the hoop.

During Hybrid, an additional 3 point bonus will be added for each Basketball that passes completely through any Hoop.

In this case, three or four of the five balls lodged in the net had passed through the hoop. (The Number is debatable depending on your vantage point, I was immediately behind the red drivers station so this is the view that I’m most familiar with) They Technically should have counted in the Hybrid Period According to G39, but would not have since they would’ve passed through the counter during the teleop period.

As far as replaying the match, I believe it was the right call to make since the match continued on for at least 30 seconds with a clogged 3pt Hoop, severely handicapping the blue alliance.

There is video of this now on youtube, see how this autonomous mode played out here: http://youtu.be/m4Q0DMoOiVc

Wow, just perfect timing on those first 2 balls, which then collided at the bottom of the net. Astounding.

It’s actually very easy/common for two balls to get stuck in the net.

There really ought to be a pause at the end of autonomous to let balls continue to pass through, or to unjam the basket so that the scoring is assessed correctly.

Wow, what he said. Once I saw the video I know understand how easy it is for this to happen. I’m surprised it didtn’t happen more.

I agree, I see no reason not to. Just like in 06 where winning autonomous changed the match dramatically, taking a few seconds to make sure all the balls have passed through seems obvious.