pic: Hypnotised

someone please explain!

Not sure which regional that is at but aparently the man with the microphone is a magician/hypnotist and those whom are “asleep” are in a state of hypnosis and under his command.

Either that or he gives very boring speeches…

At the UTC New England Regional’s Team Social on Friday night, we had a comedian and then a hypnotist entertain us! It was a great show (http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=26921 ) and I laughed so hard! This photo was taken at the beginning of the show when the hypnotists put about 40 team members asleep.

Wow, hope that happens at the Buckeye! :slight_smile:

lol, interesting idea, a hypnotist at a regional…

We recently had a hypnotist at our school. It was ok. Some people didn’t do anything or faked a few things and some of it was real. Still, it doesn’t seem as effective to me as some would have you believe.

Ya…here’s some videos of it: http://www.team195.com/video/video.html

The guy said that he flew in from Atlanta to come do this show for us.

I hope that means maybe he is from the Atlanta area, and he will be down at the Championship event as well. I want to go up and be hypnotized now that I know what it is all about!!

there was a hypnotist at VCU in 2002 which was also hilarious…

I remember the VCU incident clearly- some of the best parts were when the hyptonist told everyone they were standing on hot fire or lava, everyone just jumped on the field and started balancing on the driver stations… hilarious… also, does anyone remember the tough-looking dude who was told to forget the number 7? I remember him going 1.2…3…4…5…6…8…9…10…11 while counting on his fingers… and last- the guy who had to tell a joke every time the hyptonist said pencil? did’t he say a rather dirty joke?

I vividly remember VCU 2002 also. Man, that was fun. I really miss those shows that VCU had. Oh well.