pic: i actually never posted these prototype4

this is with the claw closed and up in the air. our actual robot was actually capable of grasping the 2x ball and capping but we never used it. such a waste… we should have noticed during the design phase that we wouldnt have a chance against the teams who were really for the 2x such as team HOT. sweet robot. we tried to do everything but turned out we couldnt do anything but plow the small balls effectivly. we’ll know next year though. not a rookie next year!! watch out!!! we’re gonna get better

that looks awesome… great job… that bot reminds me of our robot from this year… (a tank on wheels)…

Nice looking robot there… Does it have any power? If it does what kind?

Looks awesome. I find it really cool how some people use different mediums in which to model their designs, whether it’s a prototype that has been drawn in CAD or built with Legos. I have a few Mindstorm kits in my basement that my dad bought a while ago but I’ve never looked at. With all these models popping up a lot more frequently now (notably Tytus’s latest barrage :slight_smile: ), I may have to dive into those kits this summer once finals are over. :stuck_out_tongue:


barrage, ha ha funny

so are all your pnewmatic valves manupliated by motors or do you stick your hands in there and do it manually?

2 rcxs on the robot, 1 rcx for the controls. wireless :smiley: via IR

controlled by motors.

this was a FULLY functional model. did EVERYTHING our real one on smaller scale…actually better than the real one
oh yes, it was a 4wheel drive/ 2wheel drive just like our real robot…
im quite proud of that accomplishment :smiley:

You people amaze me with what you do with legos. Somebody needs to force me to be more patient. I work better with something I can saw and cut to make work rather than working with legos. Maybe I’ll have to put the many kits that are sitting down in the lab to use sometime for my personal use. Awesome job. How tall is the robot with the arm up?

As you should be. This is ridiculous. If only my Lego League team could do this… heck, I couldn’t.

now the robot has been dismantled for some time but it was around 25 cm when the arm was down and at full height(arm raised to full) it probably reached to a bit over 50cm…maybe. this picture isnt quite at full height.
well, it was balanced pretty badly with 2rcxs at the rear(you can kinda see one of them in this picture…
and when it was raised to full and i slammed it into full forward, it kinda did a wheelie, ungracefully(it flipped backwards)… :smiley: so, if you see the 2 “old” motors just sitting there in the front, those are counterweights(no weightlimit for lego prototypes :stuck_out_tongue: ) the “new” motors you may see just behind would be of the drive train.
so…umm…yeH…kinda drifted off topic there… well. thats why its not extended fully :smiley:

Wait, Legos have pneumatics now? Are they legal in FLL? Where have I been?

LEGO has had pneumatics for quite some time now. they’re i think in they’re 3rd generation? maybe 4th or 5th generation of them.
pumps, cylinders, tanks, valves, and with a bit of customizing, regulators, flow controls, one way valves, limit switches… whatelse am i missing…
with LEGO, ANYTHING(in my opinion) is possible to do…

Yes, Lego has evolved quite a bit from just blocks :slight_smile: I remember in middle school playing with pneumatic lego cylinders in technology education, not knowing they were legos until some time later.

You are an animal. That is disgustingly awesome.


GizMOE profile Hey, that looks like my teams robot this year. Except its not all green.

That’s an awesome lego model. Now all you need is a 2x ball made of legos!

Yeah lego pneumatics are awesome sept you have to build your own pump and your own ways of automating the swtiches, they arent really made to be put on mindstorms kits. There are TONs of crazy things lego makes that you woulda never known. Por Ejemplo, where he has thoes extra motors sitting? You could get the lego weight modules, each one is 2 times the weight of the motor is, and about half the size! If you wanted to winch that bot up, you could get the old school hooks from thier crane kits, they were made of steel! Or if you really wanted to pump up the power you use micro motors to actuate the lego polarity switches, and wire 2 battery boxes in parallel! Theres alot of tricks out there…

What?!?! Dismantaled! :slight_smile:

Do you have a bunch of detailed images of it/deconstruction images? If you do I might be willing to put some (hours) into modeling that in LDraw so that others could build it. 'Course, you’d have to give me permission to. :slight_smile: And I might never finish; it’s hard to do without a physical model… :slight_smile:

um…im sorry… :frowning: i really didnt have enough pieces to to work on my next project so… well… youll probably see me posting pics of next years robots prototype a few days after kickoff. remind me then and ill take pictures of its dismantallation :confused: piece by piece.
well, just for curious people, my next LEGO project after this one was a omnidrive robot… yeah… the model was very nice but the program became too big…the RCX didnt have enough memory to actually download it in. so… i either need to get more RCXs, or maybe learn how to use the edubot and learn how to program and learn how to connect everything to the edubot…

nice! :cool: how many legos used to build it? how strong is it?

WOW that is awesome!!! :ahh: