pic: (I am John V-)Boo!(n)


Never mix FIRST with boredom on Halloween night. Happy Halloween from the REAL Morrison!

oh wow…

Is it for Sale? if it is… How much is it? :slight_smile:

NICE!!! That leaves me tons of ideas for next year!


Just name your price. I would do it soon though…i have already had one rot at my house (it was my sisters).

I actually cleaned and carved this about 20 minutes before kids started to come, and i bought the camera (that i used for this picture) 20 minutes before that. I was pretty tired by the time people came.
Then I had quite a few people ask what JVN was, and if i was him. This might of just been a clever plan for kids and their parents to steal more candy from me (as many of them did).

That’s awesome Andy… I’m touched.

Coincidently, my apartment-mates carved a pumpkin too…
It says “John is a big Dork”

I’ll try to snag a picture before it meets a tragic end.

Way to tell me, on CHIEFDELPHI, of ALL PLACES, (as if I haven’t talked to you in the past week or so), that my awesome FIRST pumpkin died. Any pictures?

Andy told me he was going to carve this one… I carved out the FIRST symbol, painted it, and carved ‘FIRST’ into the side.

This is now past the point of obsession… (lol)

Yea…i guess i should have told you. It did look really cool though, that is until it started to collapse on itself. Then the FIRST symbol started to fall in along with the top. Aside from all that it was cool…

Yeah that is cool,
but you should of found a picture of John, and carved that into a pumpkin.

This reminds me of the coloring book pages…there was a good black and white of JVN that could probably be carved into a pumpkin.

I’d have to say, Paul, that I commend you on your awesome pumpkin-carving skills. I wish I actually had time to carve a pumpkin this year. Oh well, I’d have never come up with stuff like that.
Nice job!

wow this is what we call obsession

I was told that if you put vaseline on the exposed pumpkin flesh after cutting, it will last longer.

How bout … this? :yikes:


Enlarge the stencil, carve out the black parts and voila! A JVN pumpkin! :stuck_out_tongue: