pic: I didn't want Billfred to feel left out.

What can I say

I was wondering when this was going to surface…

(But you can’t read the numbers off the clipboard yet. Gonna have to invest in that telephoto lens, Wayne! :P)

Taking scouting to the level of espionage?

I like it. Stand on the catwalk during alliance selections, take a high res picture of 1114’s list, write it on a whiteboard, and drop it down to your rep.

I can read it perfectly. It say “Don’t look up! You might not like what you see” :smiley:

Because that’ll go unnoticed dropping from the rafters. :rolleyes:

Build a little parachute for it, it’ll be fine!

as I sat in the stands during Einstein waiting forever to see matches, I looked up and wondered if I would be brave enough to go on the catwalk…

First of all, how the heck did they let you up there.
I’d like to do it next year!:rolleyes:

Wow, nice shot. How’d you deal with all the glare? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pigeon-eye view.

I used a special anti-glare filter :smiley:
Now I’ll never win the caption contest :frowning:

J/K Billfred, you are also a great guy.

Just make it into a paper airplane. :smiley:

Get good sized L.E.D. signboard up on the catwalk and put the number they’re supposed to pick on that.

Better Yet:

Morse Code with a flashlight

Coming in 2014 - Open source espionage award sponsored by CIA? Hexbug had a micro-drone in design, but it was squashed flat in a RAID by Johnson&Johnson subsidiary also with rumored ties to homeland security admin. Plans not known to have been recovered. heh/ :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Or those little parachute men that used to be given away at champs when they were in Atlanta. One got caught in the elevator of our hotel.

Yeah, now I’m also in that same (sinking) boat…:frowning:

Hmmm if the Jones dome didn’t have a roof…i wonder if that head could be picked up on a spy satellite. If with a roof…maybe a infrared sensor.
Off season project anyone?

What? Removing the roof from the Jones Dome? fool’s errand if ever there was one.

Just to either take myself out of the running as well, or increase my chances, depending on how this is read…

You didn’t have to do that. Unlike some other folks who were running around the Dome floor, Billfred has his own anti-glare filters. The clipboard deals with anybody glaring at him. The fact that he has at least most of his hair (unlike a certain queuer who runs Fantasy FIRST) protects cameras above from any glare off of his head.

ducks and runs from the power of -infinity