pic: I have no idea!

this is me and arefins 3rd attempt of trying to take a picture together. lol kevin what are you doing? :slight_smile:

LOL idk what i was doing… prally tryin to get in on that action haha. :yikes:

haha kevin its ok it makes the picture look awesomer! :] yeah i dont even know what i am doing so its all good!



She’s trying to “convince” the judge to not DQ Wildstang. :smiley: :smiley:


Where was I when this was goin’ on?
I know this was Thursday, but I don’t know where I was.
Did I take that pic maybe?? lol I can’t remember.

Maybe I just wasn’t near our pit when this happened?? :ahh:

I tell ya, we had all sorts of guests in our pit in Atlanta.

Ours was probably the pit which saw the most members of the most teams hangin’ out in it throughout the 3 days.

I can’t even name all the teams who had members chillin’ out in our pit at one time or another.

Elgin! omgosh! you were there you goofy person! remember when we were all taking pictures?? and yeah you were standing chit chatting and what not off to the side at the moment…i think. haha

It’s just gracious professionalism in a “people from other teams are taking pictures together in humorous positions” way…

Nothing wrong with that ;D

Though I’ll be honest, Courtney, when I say that I liked the other picture you posted of yourself…



Girls used to throw themselves on me like that when I was in high school, too. I’m not sure whether it was because I was Chairman of our MUN team, or President of the Chess Club, or because I was published in the school literary magazine, though. Anyone one of the three was a powerful chick magnet.