pic: I lost the bet...


Me and Woodie Award winning Dave from team 121 on Saturday at UTC. As you can see, I am all decked out in my Rhode Warriors T-Shirt as a result of the complete shalacking at the hands of the Rhode Warrior Bowling Crew. Don’t you worry though…I’m finding ringers…next time it will be Dave wearing Gael Force green!


Bring it on man! We will be ready down in Atlanta for anyone you throw at us. :smiley:

Rollin T

Grady man…
We’ve all lost that bet at one time or another…
Don’t feel too bad.


So we can expect to see a sharp rise in 121’ers in Atlanta? :wink:

Knows better than to bowl against boys who actually know how,


So what kind of bet is that? You LOSE, and you get a free t-shirt? :cool:

Believe it or not, as much as i cherish my new 121 shirt…I would take alot more pride in seeing Dave wearing a Gael Force shirt. I guess you have to understand the great rivalry that our teams have built over the years to understand. I figure that maybe I should challenge them to something that I am actually good at in Atlanta!

-Andy Grady

Well, when I get there, heads will spin as well as bowling balls, and pins will tremble from the presense of the RAYMAN! I’m another extra 121 Islander and I’ll make sure no 121 member looses a bet! :mad:

Maybe you should challenge them to some segway jousting…you might have them there :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh boy I see a whiffle ball game coming up :smiley:

You LOSE, you get a free t-shirt, and then you have to wear it all the next day at competition. Our ENTIRE college pit crew in NH was sporting the 121 colors. There were definitely some confused judges…

Does anybody know of a local bowling alley in the area of the sheraton? I would love to bowl a few frames though I probably would lose (use to bowl 150-200 which is okay but I havnt played in 2 years) but it would still be fun to do a little bowling and see if I could get back into my “groove” besides I always need a new FIRST shirt and nothing would look better over orange scrubs then another FIRST shirt :wink: though I am sure the rest of the drive team would be upset with me wearing another teams clothes :ahh:

OOO wiffle ball!! i’m in!!! I’ll bet if that’s what it takes…

Ok that does it! Me and Keiko take on the Rhode Warriors in Wiffleball at Nats! What do you say guys?!?!

(I’m guarenteeing a shutout!)

-Andy Grady

hey so we will finally see these wiffle ball skills your always bragging about :ahh:

If it means getting Dave into a Gael Force shirt for a day…yes! I think its only fair, I mean we played 121’s game first ::grumble 5 strikes in a row grumble::…i think its time we play my game!

-Andy Grady

I’m sorry Andy, I didn’t mean to do that :wink: I reaaaaally wanted that Gael Force t-shirt :smiley:


Ill bowl with everyone down in atlanta
tries to remember what bowling is
thats that game where you hit the ball off of the tee in the ground with that club right?

muahaha yes id love to see andy play some wiffle ball… hey andy!! from me and my dad…


poor poor andy … :frowning: Cry me a river buddy…you know the game! Grady! just be there …In the end its just a night a fun for all in attendence . and as for John…Well he can go suck his thumb in the corner and cry. :smiley:



They gave this guy a Regional WFA? :wink:

I love you too buddy.