pic: I think our robot might be underweight

Our robot is completed with everything on it and it only weighs 86lbs. This would be a first since last years robot was 129.5lbs, and the year before it was 179lbs and we were able to get it down to 130

You positive you dont need to press that lb/kg button? Gosh thats light.

You can see in the picture that there’s a red light in the “5000 x 2 lb” area, and not the “2500 x 1 kg” area. But you’re right. That’s incredibly light!

Wow. I hope you have one strong driver train. It is better to be underweight then overweight.

Good luck at the competition!

I don’t think it is a matter of a strong drive train this year, I think it is a matter of traction when it comes to pushing matches.
Yesterday we had one of our instructors riding around on top of our robot, and it still accelerated great, the skid-steer turning was a bit more labored. So an extra 180 lbs for about 310 lbs total, and the kit transmissions were still running like champs. With the dual cims, they have given us a very powerful drivetrain this year, you just have to be able to put the power on the ground.

As for the 86 lb bot, good job, Our bot went from 40 lbs to over 120 in no time. But we managed to start hacking at the frame and get it to 115. (the good thing about 1/4" wall aluminum is it takes the weight off as fast it we put it on) Our bot weights about 80 something last year and it was small.

Are you going to strategically ballast the bot up to around 120, or leave it as is?