pic: i think we put this together transmission wrong??


just kidding the motors were in the way of are ball pick up system so were going to try this we came up with idea at 11:00am and had one running by 4:30pm

So Colin… What ya you guys and gals been up to? Have more pictures and details? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah maybe i will take some Monday and post them i think both 340 and 424 have some cool ideas.

cormier you should come to a meeting and bug rees sometime that be fun

Nice alteration to the toughbox.

It’s a little backwards. We call it the BoughTox. (Pronounced BuffTox)

Complete with a “Logo” that I did in Photoshop.

Don’t worry Andy, we’ll put the real ones on for Competition :wink:


BuffTox - A muscular gluteus maximus, as demonstrated by MarkAndy.

Any chance you’d be willing to share some instructions on how to do this modification? Is it as simple as just rearranging the parts, or is there more to it?

There is more to it. You have to mill out some extra holes, or make some of the wholes bigger, I can’t remember], as well as mill out part of the aluminium case. After the craziness of the build season is over, we can put the drawings out for you guys! Or, if you would like 'em for this season, PM myself, Justin [340x4xlife] or Colin340! We’d be MORE than happy to share!

It’s soooo fun because our whole team now knows our transmissions as “BuffToxes”. :] And we also like to say our transmissions got a “BuffTox” injection! tehe.

shouldn’t the logo be more like this:


fixed the "markandy"text…



Nice, new company.

HAHA! Truly laughed out loud there. :slight_smile:

next, we just need to have a “Base-C” chassis to go with…

but i don’t have time to make the logo :frowning:


Cool is that… Collin, alteration Toughbox nice.

Funny very are guys you of rest the.


Are you sure it’s MarkAndy, & not MandyAark or AarkMandy?? :stuck_out_tongue:

maby ist should have been mandyark, but i didnlt have that much time to do the editing (during hist. class…)