pic: i want my baby bot, baby bot, baby bot 179's off season project version 1

just a tiny bot with a big heart

19 fps adj with 6 775 pros assuming the robot will be 70 lbs it will in fact pull 45 amps pushing i don’t think it will be that heavy (although i could check but i am lazy).

The claw has an interesting passive close claw that when a cube comes in contact the back wheels the front wheels don’t come in contact with the cube when the cube is fully in the claw. This is for the front wheels to spin up, and when it is ready to fire the back wheels spit the cube out and when the back wheel closest to the front isn’t touching the front wheels close up on the cube shooting it.

version 1 i will be doing another

p.s. i was informed that 971 and 254 there making there own over sized hex to get rid of shaft backlash. so what we will be trying is boring 3/8 hex gears to 7/16 round and pressing a 7/16 round tube through them and if the press isn’t strong enough then we will tack weld them. The obvious worry for welding the gears is tempering so we shall see.

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That’s a lot of motors on your drive train

6 motors has become relatively common.

Saw a spike in 6 minicim drives this year likely based on the research done last summer. Likely will see spikes in 6 775 drives if off season robots like these and the COTS options continue to develop.

It probably doesn’t matter much for this application, since this robot (if you’re building it) won’t see a ton of matches, and the arm is short, but I always get nervous about geared arms. I’ve seen them catastrophically break on partners before and I’ve seen them wear out and develop a ton of backlash over time.

When possible, I prefer to make the final stage of an arm chain+sprocket, but you’ve been at this longer than I have.

Make the robot out of a milk crate so that other robots can hold you when they climb. :slight_smile:

If you need oversized 1/2" Hex, McMaster 6061 is oversized.

Yeah I thought those cims were part of the drive as well as the 775’s so I was thinking it was a 10motor setup

We powdercoated VEX Pro hex shaft this year and got a snug fit on our gears to eliminate backlash. It’s worth consideration if it’s a resource that’s readily available to you. We just told our sponsor to do the thinnest layer possible.

Pretty sure those are bag motors not Cims but I could be wrong.

Great Work. I’ve been working on a similar (but smaller) version of this type of robot but lacked the motivation to finish the design. This post has given me some motivation to keep working.

Super cool robot. If it ever gets built, I’d be interested to see how well it shoots! I showed this to my team and now they want to build a swerve-drive scale shooter robot :rolleyes:

Wow that looks really cool. I would love to see it in real life. Nice work.


Cool robot. You may want to consider either having a camera or some sort of tall object on the robot so you can see where you are while there is no line of sight to the robot. I noticed a few teams with very small robots struggling to be effective on the far side of the field this year.

There are lots of spots on the field where you can’t see totes, i can’t imagine it’d be easy to drive a robot that’s barely bigger than a tote on this field

Wow, if anything, that thing looks “mean.”

My favorite part is the battery holder. Do you have a closer picture of that or CAD that I can take a look at? Would you just manufacture that with a brake and a laser cutter / water jet?

Looks like some interesting brake work to make the battery holder. It looks like it could have been done more simply and securely with plate that started vertically.

What’s the ground clearance? Even with the short wheelbase and track, the tall side plates on the 4" wheels look like they might be a problem on the platform ramp, particularly at the platform’s corner.

OBTW, we’re also doing a downsize for our offseason robot, but not going this far. We’re going to do a 27.5" wide x 21.3" long 4 wheel robot, side plates equivalent to from last year’s bot. We’re still planning to bring the cube partially inside the frame perimeter, and only raising our intake arm by about 45 degrees. We ARE planning to use pneumatics to open/close the claw and to raise/lower the intake arm.

so this robot is 18x18 and the wheels are 3 in dia.

here are some pctures

I LOVE THIS BATTERY HOLDER. Oh yeah just an FYI im totally stealing this and may make some minor mods to fit a KOP chassis :smiley:

how so??