pic: I wonder what this is for ??? IDK but it looks pretty.

Random part I found laying around today =).


OOOOh! I really like cnc’d parts we’re hoping to get our DIY cnc up this year to make parts.

Anyways haha, it looks like a bracket and thats all i can tell you :smiley: it probably serves a really specific purpose

Gearbox bracket/mounting plate?

Traditionally, it’s used to represent a portion of monetary wealth. It is equivalent to $0.01 or one cent. It is usually referred to as it’s name, the penny.


Quiet you.

It is going to hold 3 500 series motors in a custom gearbox based of AM or fisher price KOP gears, probably to power a conveyor system or maybe a lightweight or really heavy flywheel.

Yes, for the most part.

We will be putting 3 RS550 motors on here. The gear is a 32 pitch gear from Stock Drive Products.

What are you mounting your gears and associated shafts to? I only see motor mounts.

Interesting… three 550s would imply a high power application… a gearbox for a shooter, maybe? Also, it could be similar to 254’s arm gearbox last year that had multiple outputs in one gearbox.

This plate just mounts the motors, it then attaches to another assembly that has the gear on it.

It is a single reduction to our shooter for all three motors.

You my good sir, have stumbled upon ancient alien technology.