pic: Idaho Regional Practice Match High Score

Final score had a few too many penalties!

What happened? Did the Red alliance try to break every single rule possible?

My guess, a robot died in the opposing alliances’ retrieval zone. But still, 65 tech fouls is insane.

In the off chance someone doesn’t get the joke here, field crews routinely mess around with the scores on practice matches, partially for testing, partially for fun. Practice matches don’t have formal scoring anyways.

That said, those numbers seem a bit low, I saw one practice match at our last district event where the score was tied at some absurd number like 5250 to 5250. I think the field crew was trying to see how many times they could hit the button during the 2 minute practice match.:rolleyes:

Nothing fun like that happened at any of the Wisconsin Practice matches I saw… :frowning:

You guys are rookies. (I was looking for the Michigan 25200-298 practice match, this worked better)

Good to know the colored box around the score will expand to fit the numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, we encountered a strategy yesterday where 2 or 3 robots herded us into the opposing retrieval zone. There was literally nothing we could do at all - nowhere to go when you’ve got robots on both sides driving you into a corner. We lost because of the 75 foul points the other alliance was given - we would have won by around 50 points without that :(.