pic: Idea #1

A 2011 Design Idea,

anyone have any pro’s and con’s?

Con: You might want some wheels. :slight_smile:

Pro: Looks really sturdy (maybe unnecessarily so) and easy to mount bumpers on!

Looks cool
Sturdy (depending on wall thickness)
normal tank drive pros

Looks like alot of machining on the lower supports. Why do the machining on the lower, more load bearing, frame members, but not the upper?
Lots of welding to do also
Without the ability to slide the gearboxes, you will need another way to tension the chain.
Servo shifters have not been getting a good rep from what i have read. (no personal experience)

pro: looks stout

con: you have to get it from outer space

If you use two CIMS on that transmission you might have some interference with the power distribution board. Put them in your model and see.
The bottom one will be pretty close… and will definitely get in the way of working on the power distribution board…

looks pretty neat though… great job…!!

If you have to lighten, lighten the top rather than the bottom. You want more weight down low and it would be better to compromise the strength of a cross bar rather than what you mount your wheels to.

We used servo shifters once and they didn’t hold up well. Once we changed them to pneumatic shifters they worked like a charm.

the robot is floating in space? :open_mouth:

nice one though ^^

It looks great. The only drawback I can see is chances are something (either a manipulator/Arm or a minibot delivery system is going to go above your electronics. Try to keep it as accessible as possible just in case you need to get in there for whatever reason.

Thank’s everyone, my team didn’t end up going with this design; I just wanted to post it to check out what the community thought of it. I appreciate the help!


you might want to add some cooling fans to ur electronics box, otherwise the temp could damage your stuff over a period of time… other than that, looks sturdy! great job.