pic: IdeaPaint Wall

Our brainstorming whiteboard(or may I say whitewall) in our main meeting area. Its a 38’x10’ wall covered in dry eraser paint from IdeaPaint. ideapaint.com

That is probably the biggest and most messy organized brainstorming I’ve seen.

I realized i contradicted myself, but it’s true it looks like a huge blur but all of the relate able facts ideas and designs seem to be up there I like it. I wish our white board was that big.

wow wish my team could do that

Now I know what to paint my walls with, thanks. They’ll look really sweet with physics equations all over it. :smiley:

I seriously wish we could do this for our team. Need to explain something, don’t bother with pen and pencil, just draw on the wall. But not in sharpie!


Well its better late than never.

FYI - Sharpie can be removed with a dry erase marker. :ahh:

Oh really? Nifty!

You learn something new everyday.


Really? You learn something new everyday.

It’s because of the acetone in the dry erase marker. Straight acetone also removes sharpie with ease. This is really good when you mark parts with a sharpie and you are left with ugly marks all over the place.

Well thats good to know :smiley:

doubt our school would let us

That is such a great idea for paint! I visted the website and a sample will be sent to my home. I am excited. :slight_smile:

What the school doesn’t know, won’t hurt it. XD just kidding