pic: Ideas for a feeder loader who can top containers

This concept does not pick up tubs from ground, it only receives tubs from feeder station. It will wait for two then, drop them off in pairs on scoring platforms and or step, with the ability to drop the bottom of the highest 2 tub stack at 57”. 4 x CIMs for drive, 2 x CIMs for belt driven 4 point lift that can go from 4” to 57”, 1 x banebot for movable lift gate, 1 x banebot for belt driven bottom rollers. The forks on the front would be used to pick up cans. They would be passive and only be able move a container onto a 1-4 tub stack.

Built primarily for the strategy of building four, 4 tub stacks in 2 min. Secondary strategy, if we get to it, we may be able to pick up, upright containers from the ground with just a structural add. Bonus strategy, add a mechanism to pick up tubs from the ground.


If you have an elevator, why are you loading from the station? Strategy?
Also, you can load your totes by lifting up your whole stack and driving into another tote, then dropping the stack onto that. This allows you to get a 6 tote stack (or 15, whatever) by only moving your arm up about 13". Faster and easier IMO. Plus, your awesome design lets you carry two stacks at once- one in the arms, and one in the robot.
Are you conerned about rigidity of the elvator towards the top, out of curiosity? I was wondering for our own designs.

I see the advantage - with 3 robots on one side, a team could make use of the HP delivered totes and stack on existing stacks or on the scoring platform with ease and efficiency.

Great game play!

But where does the main controls go! Unless its a magic robot.

It looks like there’s room underneat the rollers on the bottom. Might want to make that easy access though IMO.

You’re on the right track, don’t let anyone tell you differently.