pic: If you can't raise the ceiling....

So the gyms were filled with desks for exams… we’d already enjoyed a vigorous interaction with a fluorescent tube in the shop… and we had improved the launcher. We didn’t really feel like going outside, so the solution was obvious… lower the floor.

The launcher, by the way… worked beautifully and cleared the 7’6" overpass represented by the 2x4s with about 18" to spare. We’re running four 1.5"x8" pneumatics with about 2" of preload at 60psi, and are working out ways to enhance “air economy”… improving performance while reducing consumption. Then we’ve got to drop the control board back in and see if we can still pick up the ball.


What room/area are you in?
All the artwork and color! Circles and triangles and the squares in the tiles on the walls among other things.

Great use of space!

Did you happen to mirror this picture before you uploaded it?

I spy with my little eye the start of a FIRST logo backwards.

We have the Triangle, and Circle, and all we need is a (larger) Square painted on the wall. :wink:

Besides that, and with a little more local CT connection, the case behind the older gentleman looks like it has a mirrored question mark in it, and behind it is the colors of team 716 shown on their shirts in THIS PICTURE.

Very strange coincidences for sure. :ahh:

No mirroring, just the work of our art students to decorate the main foyer of the school. The robot is sitting on the steps leading down to the library.

That said, I am always amazed at what the CD community will find in a photo! I’d never quite seen the foyer as 2/3 of a reversed FIRST logo before!


P.S. I’ve posted some links to video of the shot here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=63030

looking good, to bad you guys won’t be in GTR this year
the ball has a nice backspin on it

Please tell your art students/teacher that they are showcasing the school well.

It is a wonderful backdrop for a robot demo/promo.