pic: IFI Charger Parts Layout


An example of a parts layout for the IFI Backup Battery Charger

Did you do that in EAGLE?

That’s a very nice looking board, perhaps FIRST should include it in the kit, along with disable dongles (unless I missed something teams still need to procure their own dongle, which I find silly since it’s an integral part to safely/effectively testing the $1500 control system…)

Is this design at all different from previous ones from IFI?

I know Andy-Mark sells a very well made dongle for like $30 (yea, a little expensive but the thing is a brick and is gonna last for years and years and years, very well made). I also saw in the EasyC Pro help file something about being able to purchase dongles from Intelitek through their online store… however Intelitek seems to have dropped the ball on this one as we are entering week 3 and there is still no sign of it on their website. Perhaps next year?

Note that this layout was based on the old schematic. It has been revised, and you need to add a third connection (J3) at output of voltage regulator.

Those paths seem a bit thin, but that’s just me, but how much current will they be carrying? It seems like they should be wider.

Good point. If etching a board I would make the paths wider. We did not make a board from this, the intent was to use it as an aid for laying out the parts on a breadboard. It is easier to visualize, and the 317 terminals are not intuitive.

Ah, I see now. And yes those terminals are very non-intuitive, I can still smell the smoldering chip from last Saturday’s mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you use point to point wiring or a solderless breadboard? While the latter is very easy I’d be afraid of it coming apart during normal robot operations, that’d be a lousy way to blow a breaker, having your charger fall apart!