pic: IFI in the Lead?

The town of Greenville, Tx has a charity go-kart race each year. Local businesses buy a car, and race around town. All the proceeds from concessions go to charity. This year, IFI decided to get into the act.

Despite a bad wreck, where the car was totalled… we did pretty good for our rookie year.

This picture shows me at the head of the pack, in a qualifying race.

What makes this picture is not the fact that JVN is in the lead… it is the two horses and two men in cowboy hats.

it’s just so Texas!

(my first post in a number of months, wow)

How come your car wasn’t numbered 229?

C’mon. Please stop making us so envious of your job. I mean, you get to play with robot parts all day, you have a rapid prototyping machine in your office AND you get to race go karts. Man you have it good. :slight_smile:

Wonder why I want to be John V Neun V2?

… just so I can play with robot parts all day and then race go carts… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

::goes infront of the mirror and checks if I still have all my hair:: :stuck_out_tongue:

::refrains from all jokes::

I respect John a lot. He is a very good friend as well as a very good mentor.

Hey John you need to get Arefin and me to drive the IFI car next year… straight domination! :slight_smile:

If I was anywhere near where all this fun takes place and I could get in on some of the action, I could blow you all away.

Has anyone driven those big F1 style gokarts that have real suspension and hydraulic brakes and a big Briggs (16HP?) V twin engine? Those things are sweet! They make you have a real license to drive them.

Has anyone driven on a polished sealed concrete track where they powder it. Oh man, slipping and sliding everywhere. Lots of fun.

its been last than 2 months tom =P

“04-28-2005, 04:29 AM” = last post prior :smiley:

A little birdie told me that JVN got banged up in this race. Can you give us some more details, John? Were you running on Michelin tires?

We might need to start calling you “Dannica V-Neun”.

(I am jealous too!)

Andy B.

I’ll only be jealous of Dave Lavery calls that car “pimp”.



It’s a company car… :wink:

My job isn’t QUITE like that…
I actually spend very little time on robot parts, that is only a small part of our business. I spend most of my time designing stuff like this, and this.
It is lots of fun, and very challenging.

(Okay, okay… I DO get to play with robots every now and then.)

The little birdie speaks the truth…
In the last race of the weekend, I got in a pretty nasty wreck. (It wasn’t my fault, I swear!) I ended up rolling the car, smashing into the hay, and getting nailed by another car. Luckily, no one got seriously hurt… but I got a little beat up in the crash.

IFI’s newest intern, Chris Carnevale also had a good wreck. He was in the final race of the lightweight class, passing the leaders when someone he was lapping took him out. He got beat up a lot worse than me, but is also okay.
Chris definitely took the advice jokingly issued from our boss to heart:
“Win or lose… I’d be racing like your job depends on it.”

We had a lot of fun, and learned enough that next year the IFI team (we are going to race multiple cars) should have a good showing.

Never a dull moment,

why didn’t you guys just make an autonomous go cart?

The same reason our MechE’s didn’t make the Go-Kart go 50mph… rules of the race.

She’s back from the race…
I hope they don’t take that out of my pay. :wink: