pic: IFI-WHEEL v2.1

Design is an Iterative Process…

The new generation of IFI Wheels and Sprockets will be released for sale this December in time for the upcoming FRC season.

At that time, the current IFI Wheels and Sprockets will no longer be sold. If you want to purchase the 2006 version, you need to do so soon.


Looks good! the tab/slot arrangement should keep the screws from falling out, and if you include a sticker that says something like “glue the treads on!” the treads might not fall off when rookie teams use them. Or add a dozen more rivet holes. :slight_smile:

How does the weight compare to the previous design?

I want to see the destructive testing video. :cool:

This iteration appears to address the main concerns voiced by 2006 users. I’m hoping my team will adopt a more defense-and-traction oriented strategy for 2007, so I’ll get to play with some grippy wheels.

Hmmm, are those new little additions threaded beams from the vex kits? They look awfully similar! :wink:

They also look like McMaster-Carr 91780A204.

When will dimensional drawings of the sprocket changes be posted on the IFI website? Just asking for those of us planning ahead that want to know the bolting pattern.

How will the sprockets change? We were planning to use the IFI AL sprockets in 2007. In fact we just purchased a set for testing.

When testing the IFI v2 traction wheel, we also received samples of the new sprockets. The new sprockets will have the same mounting patterns, however the #10 counter-sunk holes have been replaced with tight tolerance #10 clearance holes. The bearing-retainer mounting has also been replaced with the new design. I’m sure the new specs will posted online soon.