pic: illegal or not?

This is the only rule that i would be worried about… any thoughts ?

A Robot may only be supported (fully or partially) by another Robot if one of the Robots is in contact with a Bridge.

So what is it exactly? Does the bumper represent your robot, or another robot?

Is it some sort of bumper clamp? Need more details.

Actually, I’d be worried about the bumper number rules. They must be white, or outlined in white. Those are white&black and the white is not the outline color. Also, from a rough guess, I’d say the white portion is not a 3/4" stroke assuming the numbers are 4" tall, and the black wouldn’t count since it has hardly any contrast with the red so it does not add to readability.

If that is a clamp that you put out as an appendage and it is not over 14" from your frame… it is probably ok but remember that many robots have different bumper heights… not much… but a little… and this would not work…if it clamps from both sides…

There is no rule that says you may not clamp onto an alliance partner.

Also, clamping to a robots bumper wont be much of a sure thing.
I imagine that many teams bumpers weren’t attached to the chassis with load bearing in mind.

Are they that strict on the bumpers nowadays? They’re definitely white… and very legible.

Yes, they’re that strict – either they follow the rules or they don’t pass inspection. Lots of teams have had bumper issues trying to pass inspection this year.

One of the more common parts requests on Thursday at the Chesapeake regional was “Team X is looking for white fabric paint (and a brush).” Apparently a lot of people missed the whole number has to be white or outlined in white line that was different from last year.

If they’re not a 3/4" stroke & 4" tall, redo them. I had a couple of robots that I inspected at GKC that had to re-do their numbers for this very reason. There may have been others. We also had a lot of other bumper issues that had to be corrected; the other big one was the 8" protection of corners.

Yes, they are that strict.

This past weekend at the West Michigan District, the measurers informed us half way through the competition that we were not legal. Our bumper hardware and backing was good, but in the corners where the bumper fabric was folded, it touched their measuring jig (the jig was 2 inches high).

We interpreted the rule differently, in that we believed if a 2 inch jig could easily slide under our bumpers then we were legal. They disagreed, and said our bumpers couldn’t touch the top of their 2 inch jig.

A half pound of staples later, out bumpers are aesthetically disgusting, but the fabric no longer brushed the 2 inch jig.

Live and learn.

we used white numbers with a black outline on out robot and we passed bumper inspection easily.


Teams shall display their team number on the Bumpers in four locations at approximately 90° intervals around the perimeter of the Robot. The numerals must be at least 4 in. high, at least ¾ in. in stroke width,** and be either white in color or outlined in white.** Team numbers must be clearly visible from a distance of not less than 100 ft, so that judges, referees, and announcers can easily identify competing Robots.

You should not have passed inspection. Don’t expect to pass if you go to another regional or the champs.

My guess is this is an appendage that extends to either top/bottom of the other bot’s bumper plywood, thereby allowing the other bot to travel (or more likely be slowly pushed) to point where its COG is beyond the edge of the bridge (or at least prevent the bot from tipping when a couple wheels lose contact with the bridge)

If I’m right, you going to have to have a very trusting and willing partner to accept that this rig is the only thing hold them from falling a foot or two to the floor.

It depends on the stroke width of the white part - if 3/4" or more, then it would be OK IMHO.

Here are the direct rules on the bumper text color rule:

2011: “<R09>…The numerals must be at least 4” high, at least in ¾” stroke width and in a contrasting color from its background…”
2012: “[R35] …The numerals must be at least 4 in. high, at least ¾ in. in stroke width, and be either white in color or outlined in white…”

As the lead inspector at your event, I can tell you that unless the white part is 3/4" wide, if I had seen them they would not have passed. However, I was much too busy looking at other problems.

And I can pretty much guarantee you they will not pass at your next event…

Back to the OP. Legality of anything in competition is decided by the GDC and the officials at any competition. Chief Delphi is not the best place to ask about rules or legality because most people who read these forums have no direct influence on the actual legality of something, we can only speculate and offer personal opinions about the rules.

If you have any doubts about something, I suggest that you search for a relevant Q&A or post one of your own. These will be much more reliable than anything that you see here.

While true that legality is decided by the GDC, referees, and inspectors, that doesn’t mean CD isn’t the best alternative to inquire about legality. For one, the GDC has repeatedly stated that they will not offer any definitive ruling on the legality of the design; the format of their answers is consistent with this, as answers to a question often consist of the relevant rule(s) and nothing more, leaving the team in question to interpret the answer. For another, there are numerous inspectors (e.g. Wayne and Al) and referees (Gary) who can offer their own personal opinions on gray areas and how they would rule on such matters at a competition.

TL;DR: Q&A is certainly a good route to take, but depending on how gray the topic in question is, CD is certainly a good place to ask the question.

That being said, the OP should clarify his post and what exactly he’s asking is legal or not.

Thanks for adding that.