pic: Imbeded Wheel Swerve

This is kind of old, but I figured I’d post some more renders/designs.

This is based off a design posted by Aren Hill earlier this season. (forget team number)

More Pictures

3928 I believe

You’ve had this forever! Looking good again.

This is for FTC correct? or is it a really large FRC chassis?

*What does “Imbeded” mean ?

The motors are the axles rather than having to mount them to the outside and drive them through more gearing.


oh lol

Sorry my English sucks so I didn’t catch the mistake :wink:

“Neutrino Swerve” as its been dubbed, tis a silly thing (but fun)

I can vouch for this statement.

Love the design. What is it geared for?

Look’s like a 1:1 gearing, 1:1 is works well for FTC and it’s motors.