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Hey I recognize that guy! :smiley: I wanted to start a thread of team mascots for 2006. I just wanted to say that Mascots are some of the most inspired, devoted, and spirited people I have ever met. You know your devoted when you have been dancing in one of those costumes for a couple hours and you haven’t passed out from the heat or dehydration. Special thumbs up to the Robodog’s mascot and the pirate mascot (If someone could fill me in on the team name I would be much obliged) So any other cool mascot outfits?

well, we already know who i am, being that there is a thread about it. L block!

I would like to issue a formal apology to all of those whose Tetris high scores i ruined by not showing up often enough or too frequently. I am truly sorry, and i wish everyone a bright Tetris future and a happy 8-bit existence.