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During one of our matches the front part of our camera fell off, we didn’t notice untill after we got back to our pits. The board is cracked, the black lens piece was off the board.

Thanks to team 470 for loaning us their camera for the rest of Great Lakes.

First off, NICE JOB:D. Second, How did you do that to the poor thing? I hope you found a replacement or something. Good luck.

It fell off at some point in the match and most likely got run over. and yes 470 loaned us their camera for the rest of the regional.

OH I think Im going to be sick!

You knocked your robot’s eye out! :ahh:

Ohh the [strike]humanity[/strike] robotity! :confused:

It was even wearing its Laffy Taffy brand safety glasses.

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Ours fell off our camera as well, into the gearbox. Afterwards it looked fine, but all the images we got from it were extremely bad. And it refused to work, swapped it out with the 2005 camera lens, and it worked. Afterwards we took some zipties, and put it through both sides of the mount, pulled it tight, and made sure it could not fall off :stuck_out_tongue:

That happened to us, only it was irreplacable. I’m not sure what happened, all I know that it had to be taken off.

I was completely fine with that anyway cause we were overweight until we took the camera off.

To any other teams that experience this problem; zip tie the camera lens on. We had that part of the camera fly off our rotator back during build season, so we zip tied it on Friday morning, never had one issue the whole Regional with it. If your using the mount assembly given in the kit, you can easily wrap a zip tie vertically around the camera and back mounting plate without affecting the camera.

We used hot melt glue. Worked like a champ.

At buckeye our team used last years suggested camera case ( A black plastic case from radioshack) with a hole drilled for lenses and pwm connections, Worked out great. Ontop of that we used a faceshield with a custom made bracket to protect our camera from rouge poof balls. Turns out we got flipped camera down in one of our matches and if we wouldnet have made the custom bracket so well, we would have lost the camera. All we ended up needing was some bending and we were good to go!

Unfortunitally, we had some pretty odd issues with our camera not even receving data. To me it looked like there was a flakey connection somewhere in either the camera or the ttl board and no ammount of fiddling fixed it :frowning:

Hmm, that’s familiar. Are you using the updated IFI libraries? :slight_smile:

I have no idea, probably not. We had so many issues thursday, including having to replace our RC with a 2004 loaner board, And our programming team didnet seem to think it was a code issue. I wasnet in a mood to discuss it since i wasnet keeping up on the issues that IFI was having.

Im going to work on learning microchip C and PIC Processors this summer to be sure i can cross over to progamming when things like this happen.

Do you happen to have a link talking about this so i can look it over when im thinking clear again?

As was mentioned, hot glue is your friend when dealing with electronics that need strain relief or a little help staying put. It’s nonconductive, easy to apply and easy enough to remove. Even better then that, you already have acess to it if you can get in your schools art room (or anywhere that arts n’ crafts might take place)!

I can’t find any rule that would conflict with it’s use, although using it as an insulator isn’t a great idea and probably wouldn’t pass inspection. But for holding wires in place or small things like the camera pcb, it’s perfect.

-Andy A.