pic: IMMDW I saw this collection of teams working together.

While this occurs at pretty much every regional, I don’t think it gets the recognition it deserves. Thank-you to teams FRC280 (at Detroit), FRC67, FRC469, and FRC1718 for making my day (at Troy District).

The rest of the story:
At Detroit, this rookie team came with a robot that was 36"x36". FRC280 helped them take it apart and shrink it down to a 28x36 robot. At that point, it was essentially a driving chassis, but it was able to be inspected, and participate in a few matches much to the students and mentors delight.
Coming in to Troy, it was a lightweight 47 lbs, but fully functional robot. The team got inspected, but removed their bridge lowering arms. They were pitted next to team FRC67, whose mentors decided to lend them a hand. He surveyed the parts that they had with them, and reviewed a the possible concepts for making a sweet “karate chop” arm. While I thought integrating a window motor would be “easier”, the FRC67 mentor realized this would be a good opportunity to learn pneumatics. The team didn’t miss any matches and proceded to work on the arm and pneumatics throughout qualifications. This picture was taken during the final steps of integrating the system with help of FRC 67 students, FRC469 and I believe FRC1718 helping with some programming (my assumption).

In addition to providing programming guidance, Team 1718 was also responsible for helping 4380 put together their pneumatics system.