pic: Imprompu Car Fenagling

FIRSTers staying overnight at the Bouchers for the regional + bad weather conditions + Watertown tows cars on the road when they plow = this fenagling of five cars on our little front lawn :slight_smile:

Or: 10 Points for Team Boucher for getting all their cars in the end zone!

Wow…and it only took three engineers to arrange that. :smiley:

'Looks like everyone got behind the line. 10 bonus points!

Aw, you guys should have hung from the 10 foot tree for 50 points! :wink:

If you had greased the sides of the cars I’m sure you could squeeze two or three more in there! :smiley:

There’s still some space behind the Civic where the Outback is parked in front of the front door. If you wanted to borrow the “Vista-Cruiser” all you had to do was ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you stacked two of the cars, you would have gotten double the points… Until some rampant snow plow comes and descores them, that is.

the real question is was your first instinct the true FIRST one and try to design a robot to fix that situation?

We shuffled 5 cars around at the Rodriquez’s last weekend…but we had a little more room.