pic: In FIRST, we nap in style.

I fell asleep while working on our practice robot on Ship Day, and somebody was quick enough to snap a shot of it. It was really comfortable!

To the tune of Rockaby Baby

Rockaby Nicholas in his sweet 'bot,
when the bot turns on his head might rip off.


Reserved for future inevitable caption contest

I guess you were catching up on the sleep you didn’t get during build season :rolleyes:

I think you guys do have the most comfortable ball manipulation system in FIRST this year. Mmm, nylon.

Falling asleep on polycord just isn’t the same, man.

rofl, where’s the free red bull car thing when you need it?!

This reminds me of a time at regionals when my friend and I passed out in the pits on the robot cart, since we had gotten two hours of sleep the previous two nights. >.<

Atlanta’s floor is probably one of my favorite napping places in all of everywhere. Napping is the reason 1714 still has cheeseheads :smiley:

I still remember falling asleep at BattleCry9 last year in the morning before anything was going on. I was dozing off when they played “Please Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna, I think. Anyhow, they blasted the music and I was near a speaker. Let’s just say, I nearly jumped and not tired after that sound wave!

Hey, it worked out well enough for WildStang

Ah yes, I don’t recall anybody else using it this year. Sure made a great pillow!

Also, I seem to remember pool noodles being rather comfortable.


Maybe it’s just me, but I’d much prefer sleeping in your robot’s stretchy intake than on a rigid unforgiving (relatively) foam noodle. Still, sitting on the ground the bumper is right at head length… can’t say i haven’t napped on the robot

Pool noodles have nothing on a good inner tube or two from 2007. :smiley: My younger brother got a couple of hours of sleep in one the night before ship.

Oh, but of course! At an offseason in the fall of '07 I almost fell asleep on one. Sure was comfortable.


Well halfway deflated track balls made excellent replacements for bean bag chairs. Especially after Batlle O Baltimore when more than half of 1727 was busy deflating track balls by relaxing on them.

Those are some of the most comfy seats ever.

safety violation!?!?

Did you notice the battery beside the robot, rather than in the robot? ::safety::