pic: In-Line Pneumatic Fittings

I’ve shared this with a few people and had a pretty good response so I thought I would share here. Rick Folea, of Automation Direct, showed these to me at the beginning of the season and we used a couple on our robot to get rid of some heavy brass.

On the left is an in-line pressure regulator (PN: PRU14) and on the right is an in-line pressure gauge (PN: PGU14) which are both available through Automation Direct.

We used this SAME setup on our robot “Team THRUST 1501”. The net savings in weight is about 0.3 lbs per using the Norgren Regulator. We tested it in our practice robot for 8 weeks with no issues.

Anybody know where we can find the pressure ratings? I’m sure they are legal, but inspectors like the see that kind of stuff, and I can’t find it on their website. But these do look really awesome. Especially with those U fittings they sell, we could make a much lighter and smaller setup.

This is the spec sheet from the automation direct website.

I have used these too, they are fantastic. Very happy they are a bit orange to o. :wink:

I saw that, but for me as an inspector the gauge would pass probably, because it says 170, but the regulator might not, because it only says 120. I’m sure we could get actual maximum pressure specs from them, but that sheet wouldn’t be enough.

And the spec sheet only says that it regulates from 15-120 PSI. Based on that, it does not meet the 125 PSI requirement in the 2015 rules. I know it passed inspection this year, but that does not mean it should have…

Looks like a fantastic part, and the sort of thing I hope we see more of (if it’s legal). My advice would be to file it away for future reference, and wait to see if it’s determined to be legal in the future. I hope it is, I want to use it on my robot.

Insert standard disclaimer here about all previous year’s rules not applying in all future years :]

It’s that time of year again! :smiley:

I think I’m going to send an email to them, and ask them to add the maximum pressure rating to the spec sheet. I’m sure its higher then 120psi, since it can regulate down to that. There’s a similar one on McMaster that should work, and it says 150 maximum, so it would be legal. 8844K11

I assume that this is a relieving regulator, is that correct? If it isn’t, I’m going to have to concur on the “maybe shouldn’t have passed inspection” crowd. If it is, I think I’ll pass the info on to my team…

I’m going to be emailing Rick Folea on Monday to ask him that. It just so happens that it’s a small world, and a long time ago in another place and time we used to work together :slight_smile:

Does this even pass rule 66 G?

R66 The only pneumatic system items permitted on 2015 FRC ROBOTS include the items listed below.
A. Items available in the KOP (except as noted in I),
B. Pneumatic pressure vent plug valves functionally equivalent to those provided in the KOP,
C. Solenoid valves with a maximum 1/8 in. NPT port diameter,
D. Solenoid valves that are rated for a maximum rated pressure that is less than 125 psi rating mandated above are permitted,
however if employed, an additional pressure relief valve must be added to the low pressure side of the main regulator. The
additional relief valve must be set to a lower pressure than the maximum pressure rating for the solenoid valve,
E. Additional pneumatic tubing, with a maximum 0.160 in. inside diameter, functionally equivalent to that provided in the KOP,
F. Pressure transducers, pressure gauges, passive flow control valves (specifically “needle valves”), manifolds, and
connecting fittings,
G. Pressure regulators with a maximum outlet pressure of no more than 60 psi,
H. Pneumatic cylinders,
I. Pneumatic storage tanks (with the exception of White Clippard tanks P/N: AVT-PP-41), and
J. Compressors compliant with R68.

Is it worth using these type of fittings when the brass fittings do a good job in serving as a heatsink for the compressors?

The KOP regulators have the capability of regulating higher pressure than 60PSI if you set them to.

It’s not that they serve as a heat sink for the compressor, but that they dissipate heat before it melts the tubing. In any case, weightloss anywhere on the robot is very good, and you won’t melt tubing on a competition bot because of the short run times

So yes, if both components are legal then it’s worth it to us (and many others)

Just as a note: If I’m not mistaken, these would be located well downstream from the compressor, say on the other side of the storage tanks. This isn’t the pressure relief valve, it’s a regulator. The PRV has a specific part number, and must be hard-mounted.

Ah. I figured I missed something. Thanks!


Some manufactures offer optional outlet pressure ranges, but I do not see that on this cut sheet.

Should not have passed with >60 outlet pressure.
IMHO, not an inspector.

Hi Guys,

The max pressure rating for this device is 145 psi.
This is sold under the NITRA label so I can’t share the original manufacturers data sheet with you.
I’ll put in a request to get the NITRA spec sheet updated.

Comments on posts:

(Jeff Pahl - Been Long time! How ya doing!)

#7: “And the spec sheet only says that it regulates from 15-120 PSI.” It regulates between those values - the max rating is 145.

#12: R66G - This really only applies to the primary regulator which HAS to be the KOP regulator (and is limited to 5-50psi). These should only be used DOWNSTREAM of that. Just like all the other regulators we typically use. Yes, I know the rules don’t explicitly say that - we are talking to FIRST about the wording of that rule because it doesn’t make any sense as stated…

#13 “Is it worth using these type of fittings …” Oh yeah … Space savings, weight savings, mount them anywhere, totally worth it. And again - these would not be used as the primary regulator right up next to the compressor.

This IS a PRV type regulator (relieves excess downstream pressure)

And while we are at it …

The original post only shows two of the parts offered as inline. There are a bunch more folks need to be aware of:

Pressure Indicators: (PMU14A, PMU14G) Green and Orange - Has a little pop-up indicator that pops up when the system has 30+ psi in it. An awesome way to tell if the system is pressurized at a glance

Shut Off Valves - 2 and 3-way shut off valves - the 3-way valves relieve downstream pressure so you can shut off a subsystem and release pressure at the same time. Very handy. (HVU14-2, HVU14-3)

These are also available in lockable versions.

Quick Exhaust Valves - Want to speed up you pneumatics? This is a great way to do it. Routes exhaust air directly to atmosphere.

And of course, AutomationDirect has:

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Either Chip McDaniel or myself (Rick Folea) will be happy to help you out.

… Should have mentioned that all of these items are located here.