pic: Indiana Team Distribution and Events 2017

This maps shows the number of teams there are per county. It also shows where each event is (Regular events are red. Champ event is yellow).

The Indiana events have been announced. Above is a map of all the current IN teams’ locations and where the 2017 events will be hosted.

Week 1- Tippecanoe Event. William Henry Harrison High School. West Lafayette IN
Week 2- St. Joseph Event. Penn High School. Mishawaka IN
Week 4- Perry Event. Perry Meridian High School. Indianapolis IN
Week 6- IN DCMP. Huntington High School. Huntington IN

[strike]Week 2 at Penn HS will be the closest event we could attend, after our own. No hotel required.[/strike]

Looking closer: not only does this event fall on the same weekend as ours, it has the same name! Maybe a little cross-district coordination would be good next time.

[strike]Maybe 3620 will at last get to play in Indiana![/strike] Maybe next year. :frowning:

The event schedule seems to be pretty well spaced out this year. 3 events back-to-back-to-back was a little too much at some points…

I figure the Penn event up north is to at least be a bit more inclusive to the Michigan and Ontario teams. Winter wasn’t too nice for a few interested MI teams.

Huntington is a non-issue for me personally, but it’s a bit puzzling to see the championship so far north. Were the venues an issue again this year?

Oooh we get to travel this year!

Correct. The Competition Committee can only choose from the venues that offer an open schedule for Week 6.

Also, the Huntington crew put together a really great proposal and will be working with the local area for what will surely be a fantastic event.

I’m personally excited about their level of organization and passion.

I’m also excited about some northern events. We really hope to grow our program more, and our 2017 event schedule may be key to that. Plus, I can’t wait to see some more FIM teams visit us!

Do you know the reason behind that? NC’s District Champs is week 5 this year…

With three district events, and trying to avoid back-to-back events as much as possible, Week 6 is ideal for our State Championship. It allows more time between the last district event and the start of the State Championship.

Essentially: less wear and tear on teams and volunteers.

Last year’s schedule was brutal for everyone, but we worked with what we had. This year we were excited to have more options, thanks to more areas submitting proposals for venues and dates.

I’m super excited for 1501. Knowing them, Chris and the rest of the team will make great hosts.

Funnily enough, I kind of enjoy how unique to Indiana the moving championships every year (or it seems like) are and how the size of the state allows for this.

I think it’s great that Indiana is doing this! I look forward to seeing where the event moves to in the future. New England has made it their mission to move their district championship every year to allow all teams to have it be closer of an event, and to allow some teams to still have a “travel event”, and I am sure that is something that is being taken into consideration by the competition committee in Indiana as well.

Did IN not consider week 7? Or is week 7 not allowed anymore due to HalfChamps?

Edit: With that said, Houston is week 8 and St. Louis is week 9 so I’d think they would allow a week 7 champs for HalfChampsN but that might be seen as an unfair advantage.

Also who is(are) the official host team(s) for the Tippecanoe event? I know that 135 is hosting the week 2 St. Joseph Event, 234 is hosting the week 4 Perry event, and 1501 is hosting the week 6 IN DCMPS. Just curious which Purdue team’s school it’s at. Thanks.

The full list of events, with address and dates, can be found on the IndianaFIRST Website and our Social Media. We’re looking forward to the 2017 Season!

Website: http://www.indianafirst.org/calendar/2017/03/

Blog: http://www.indianafirst.org/blog/article/announcment-2017-indianafirst-district-event-sites

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Indiana-FIRST-412221182200858/?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IndianaFIRST/status/771701275482288128

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indianafirst/?hl=en

Home team will be 1747.

We were encouraged to have a Week 6 CMP. Additionally, it gives our teams who qualify for St. Louis more time to plan. Also Week 7 is Easter. We had an event on Easter weekend last year and are happy we can avoid that this year.

Please… let 1114 and 2056 come to this event. All the Michigan events will be too full for them to get in. IN is the next best option and they’ll be forced to come to IN for inter-district play. :smiley:

Given the economics of inter-district play, it makes perfect sense for IndianaFIRST to make those slots available if they can manage it. And I certainly see a northern event getting more of those plays since they’re closer to FiM/Ontario. (A southern event wouldn’t have nearly the same effect on North Carolina, since the western district event there had exactly 24 teams and that’s before considering the Tennessee-and-Kentucky-sized distance in between. Georgia? Even worse. MAR/Chesapeake/NE? It’s basically a wash at that point.)

This was really helpful! Now I can kinda better understand how our team comes up with its budget for this year. Lol thanks Logan!

Oh man! That is a huge bummer. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to coordinate this with other district areas, especially FiM, due to how large FiM is. I’m sure that they’re restricted by some of the similar things that we are: venue availability dates being the first.

I really hope that we are able to still get some teams playing back and forth. INF teams can play in FiM week 2, without getting points for it. And FiM teams can do the same in INF. So it’s a good practice opportunity.