pic: IndianFIRST at the Statehouse

Annual gathering of FIRST teams at the Indiana Statehouse. We had FLL, FVC and FRC teams showing off to our legislators. Doing a little of Dean’s homework.

This sure looks like the teams and the robots got the red carpet treatment at the Statehouse.
What a great shot!

Unfortunately that’s old ratty orange carpet that the teams brought with them. I had my camera set for vivid colors and that’s how it turned out.

You worked wonders with that ‘old ratty carpet’. It looks great. I would never guess it was orange or ratty. The carpet, the lighting, the columns and the robots = nice photo.

We did a demo downtown in Austin this summer at a book festival. They shut down the streets in front of the Capitol and filled them with tents, books, and demos - welcoming children of all ages. I got some great shots of the festival and the Capitol. If the team and their robot hadn’t been so busy in a tent, I would have liked to have gotten a shot of them with the Capitol as their back drop. Next year…:slight_smile: