pic: Inevitable, I suppose.

I just can’t work FTC without someone coming over from Galileo to harass me. (Good thing I had the Pelican case my borrowed camera came in!)

Once again, has anyone seen Jessica act this way except with Billfred? So, just who is the cause of this? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not just Billfred. Jess attacks others too, even Tim Baird…err…I mean Mike Mullinax!


Inevitable, indeed. These two have become the Punch ‘n’ Judy of the FIRST community.

It just wouldn’t be the Championship if Jessica didn’t whack Billfred with her clipboard.:smiley:

Billfred in 2006. There’s a picture and thread called “Agreeing to Disagree”. Not sure why it’s been continued…

It’s now just an annual thing that Billfred & I setup. Like Richard said, it just wouldn’t be Championship without the picture.

Aside from Billfred, you only get hit if you deserve it (like Mullinax)…and the pictures are staged. Anyway, and it’s all out of a fondness for my crew, former and present. They’re all really great people and I love spending time with them!