pic: Inland Empire Practice Match 25 Score

I saw the webcast of this match and had to make a screen shot of it.

Were the referees testing the foul point system?

The highest I’ve seen so far is practice 29 at San Diego:
Red: 2984, 3255, 4014
Blue: 1726, 3965, 987
Score: 2829 - 2627

Fred Stong - rapid fire finger fouler

LOL. when I saw the score, I thought of Fred too!

Practice match twenty-five? That’s about one third of a district event. Do you really need so much practice?

Why not take it if you can get it?
I don’t think I would ever say no to more practice matches just because its so rare that you get to practice with 5 other bots even if you have a practice bot.

Having too much practice is impossible :slight_smile: I personally wish that at Regionals they ran matches a bit later and/or opened up the main field for open practice (10 minute time slots like practice field).

For reference, the CA regionals have:
43 slots (Central Valley), five open.
50 slots (Inland Empire), one open.
53 slots (Sacramento), full
59 slots (San Diego), full
60 slots (SVR), full
65 slots (Los Angeles), full

That list shows that a district size/match schedule is only a good approximation to ONE CA event. More teams means more practice matches to allow them all some practice. After that, it’s either fewer matches per team or more matches to get them all playing. (Ironically, the smallest events had the most open slots. Figure that one out.)

True, but I think beside the point. At least 2 of the teams in this match played seven and nine practice matches each. (I just used CD’s FRC Spy, so teams that played in elims a lot had the P match list cut off.) This is more like half a district event. I’m not complaining–I think we just get what we pay for. It’s a trade-off, but I like having 2 events with unbag time and less missed work.

We were in the 7-9 practice match range. Our team’s second regional. We were through inspection early, and my driver team got lots of practice time.

However, practice matches do not equal qual or elim matches. The feel and rhythm are different

Agreed. How many quals did you get?

  1. FTA Jared Olewine was debating 12, but our practice turn rate was just short of what was needed to run that many matches.

I say he made a good call as we were on time for the entire regional. The field was down and packed out by 930PM