pic: Input Stage Wear

This post is unnecessarily hostile. You’re essentially saying, Chief Delphi users shouldn’t share experiences and technical information, because it might make your preferred supplier look bad. There is zero need to scold and chastise someone for this. Putting a damper on this kind of discussion on CD will actively lessen the flow of useful information that gets posted here.

To be honest, the post comes across like you are in some way invested in the success of WCP, and are calling out users who say negative things about the product. I really don’t think this is the case; the people behind WCP are really professional people who work very hard to produce quality products and to solve user issues. But that’s how it would come across to me, if I didn’t have the prior knowledge of WCP and the people behind it to know they wouldn’t attack their customers.

Iirc the bearing block is geometrically/mechanically locked in position in reference to the gearbox plate. Aren’t those screws only being loaded in tension to clamp on the tube?


I’m curious about what happened here. Similar to what Michael said above, you shouldn’t ever have an issue with this. Also the bottom bolts holding the gearbox along with the geometric feature of the bearing block is holding most if not all the weight of the gearbox. The #10-32 bolts holding the bearing blocks together aren’t doing much work.


  1. Do you have pictures of the plates?

  2. Did you guys use loctite “gluestick” or “liquid” form?

  3. Were the bolts ever loose during operation?

  4. Did anyone crank down on the bolts till they stripped.

  5. Was this component properly installed?

I’m curious about hearing more about this, as this specific area shouldn’t ever fail. Again please email me directly at rc@wcproducts.net. I’ll try to get back to you when possible.