pic: Inside one man's pockets


After friday night at the San Diego regional the team had Chick-fil-A for dinner. One of our members wondered how much Mik (our pit crew guy) keeps in his pockets. To say the least, we were both scared and impressed.

at least there was room for 2 guitar picks! that’s all that matters lol

Hmmm that is quite a lot of stuff. Does he mean to keep it in there or is it an accident?

He keeps that stuff in his pockets on purpose, surprisingly we used most of that stuff to work on the robot.

5 knives? I’ll remember not to mess with your pit guy…

He has big pockets. Someone should invest in research to determine how much more productive this actually makes him (personally i spend too long searching my pockets- i need everything laid out)

I was about to ask why no zip tyes then i realized what the black things were

Yeah, I bet that he can be a trouble to get through airport security . . .

We should get Jenny Beatty to empty and photograph her vest pockets for us. She wears a fishing vest (I think that is what it is) with tons of pockets to keep all her FIRST stuff organized in during the competitions. It is impressive.

Cargo pants theory:
where +Y is coolness and +X is total containment volume(L). Cargo pants with less than one liter of storage are slightly cool. However, this does not last past 2 liters. I’d judge that the coolness level of your pit crew guy must be 0 or slightly negative. It’s okay though. I once put 8 standard size water bottles into my cargo pants.

no kidding:D

Looks kinda like the stuff I carry for FTC.

Actually I had more things in my pocket including:
iPod with headphones
2 Packs of gum
Spare blades to the Leatherman
Spare bits for the Leatherman
Another battery for my cell
and two 2 gb thumb drives

During the competition, I would have had more tools but decided to dump the less important stuff into my backpack:
Sun glasses
Safety goggles
hand rag
and more stuff I can’t really remember right now:)

The great thing is that none of the five are superfluous-- each has a useful specialization.

Thats insane.

I well say that when I volunteered at FLL World Festival I was carrying.
>complete FLL judging schedule(5 pages)
>FIRST Bottled water
>three or four video tapes
>jump drive
>FLL pit map
>GA dome map
>A list of noted FLL teams
>entire championship agenda
>video camera(+charger and whatnot)

I have say five knifes…what kinda operation is your pit guy trying to run.

I LOVE the random guitar picks!

I thought I recognized those knives and multi tools :cool: The next post should be about his laptop case. :wink:

A Leatherman is quite possibly the most useful tool I use the entire build season. I applaud you good sir.

The bigger question is how does he remember to take it all out before it goes in the wash…

no wonder we don’t carry purses! we got plenty of room in our pockets!