pic: Inside one man's pockets

Tip of the day:
Don’t keep the cell phone in the same pocket as your Thumb drives or SD card, or credit cards…

The magnets in the speakers of cell phones are surprisingly strong, and can lead to bad things when put next to anything prone to magnetic interference.

Man, sounds like me, dang near takes me 5 minutes to fit everything into my pockets in the morning. At the current moment, I have:
Pocket knife
pens and pencils
change, a lot of change
cell phone
2 flash drives
80 gb portable hard drive and cable
shooting coin (good luck)
USB serial converter
and the good ol trusty wallet

come competition, I generally have quite a bit more including allen wrenches, screwdrivers, side cuts etc.


I would often carry a leatherman, 7/16+1/2 wrenchs, a set of allens, small batter teaster, a pair of dikes, zip ties, safty credit, and maybe more. It took about five minutes to get every thing out of my pockets.:]

Impressive… but in the two main pockets of my cargo shorts (sadly not insulating enough to wear at this time of year), I can fit my cell phone, iPod with headphones, d20 (yes, I’m a nerd), multi-screwdriver (Team 1302 is AWESOME), a set of seven “magnet rocks” from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, about twenty pencils of varying sharpness, a miniature Sharpie marker, a digital camera, and at least one (possibly two) 5" by 7" Terry Pratchett paperbacks.
And the amazing thing is how little it shows from the outside… when I began to empty them once, a classmate described the experience as similar to a clown car… in my pants. :smiley:

I guess I can’t say much. I pick up random scraps of paper from everywhere and scribble notes on them all the time (ending up in a large book by the end of the day, almost everyday)…

Then there’s the laptop case…

>1 IBM laptop
>2 power supplies
>4 programming cables
>2 tethers
>Mechanix gloves
>More random scraps of paper
>eyeglass wipes
>multiple flash drives
>GPS antenna (in case I get lost, I suppose)
>Two very special allen wrenches (the tiny ones for some shaft couplers)
>A spare ADXRSxxxEB (exact model varies)
>Small Joke book
>Various trinkets that never left the case (Autonomous switch from the Pioneers, operator badge from 2006 Championships, Arctic Warriors 2006 best autonomous mode team award, various pins).

I am a little concerned about the five knives you have in your pocket though… but, whatver trips your trigger.


Haha I was just thinking that…Jenny’s vest must hold at least twice the amount of stuff in the picture…though it’s quite impressive. I usually have:

Cell Phone
Assorted trinkets from teams